Military Payday Loans

If you are not familiar with payday loan laws, you may not know that the cap on lending to military personnel is limited to 36% APR, that means that no one can loan to anybody in the active military, reserves, is the spouse or the dependent, if the loan interest is higher than 36% APR. That means that loan can never gain more interest for its annual duration above 36%. Since payday loan lenders make money based on the high-interest rate on short-term loans, this is not a profitable group to extend loans to for the most part. While 36% APR may seem like a lot, you have to understand that about 60% of people who take payday loans don't pay them back. This is the MAIN reason why payday lenders charge so much in interest for their payday loans. For example if you took out a 00 payday loan, on average you would be paying 25 interest on that loan in two weeks, so you would pay back 25. Now this is just below the mark for the APR as this is a 25% interest rate but you need to understand it is a 25% interest rate for TWO-WEEK loan, what happened if they can't pay the loan back on time? The lender can only charge 5 in late payments, fees or interest before they hit the max 36% APR cap for the YEAR. This is not enough revenue to create a profitable business therefore due to the cap on military lending or military payday loans, most payday loan lenders no longer lend to military or their families.

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