Bad credit doesn't equal no loan

It use to be that to get a loan, a line of credit or a mortgage you had to have good to excellent credit. However, due to the banking ad mortgage crisis of 2009, it seems that the prime market has shrunk while the subprime loan market has grown. But traditional lending institutions have yet to change their lending model, leaving a lot of their former customers up a creek without a paddle. But good news, lenders are being to notice this large pool of subprime customers and are currently creating loans that are NOT just granted on traditional credit score basis. Below are types of loans that are offered to people with bad credit. Please click on a term to read more about the loan type Bad credit auto loans Bad Credit mortgage loans Bad credit credit cards Bad credit personal loan While yes, you will be paying more most likely in interest because of your not-so-perfect credit history, at least you can still access the funds when you need them the most. Remember to always exercise caution when taking out any loan and take care of any inaccuracy's on your credit report today. Get a free copy of your credit report now

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